Resources for Schools

School leaders, enhance your budgeting skills with a free series of Finance Friday webinars.  Led by Dr. Alan Freeman, each session will help you understand one aspect of school budgeting.  You can watch the sessions on the LCMS School Ministry YouTube channel.

Topics include:
Budgeting 101
Forecasting Budgets
Preparing the Budget
Early Childhood Budget Preparation
Developing Next Year’s Fiscal Budget
Compensation and Salary Guidelines

Don’t forget to follow LCMS School Ministry to access more informational videos. 

The first step in beginning the call process is to contact Jennifer Tanner, Executive Director for Schools and Youth Ministries, you will find more details in the resources below.

Calling a Commissioned Minister of Religion

Jennifer Tanner
Florida-Georgia District, LCMS

Calling a Concordia Graduate

There is a Universal Request form for requesting a new Concordia graduate for your ministry. This form is used throughout the Concordia system. Principals complete this online form.

The primary request person filling in the information can select one, two, or however many Concordia University System institutions they would like their request form to be sent to. Once the “Insert Record” button is clicked on the information, it will be sent via email to all the CUS Institutions that were selected. It will also be sent to the District Education Executive so they will have a copy of the request, as well as the calling body so that they can retain their information.

As always, if the calling body would like to continue to call the universities directly to make their request, they may continue to do so – we are here to serve you.

Bill Schranz
Director of Synodical Placement
Concordia University, NE
800.535.5494 ext 7246 or 402.643.7246

The Commissioned Minister Information Form (CMIF) system takes the information entered into the Church Worker Update (CWU) system by Commissioned Ministers and gives Districts and individuals the ability to search for individuals to fill Called positions. This recently replaced the Lutheran Educator Information Form (LEIF) and now includes greater functionality and is tailored to all classifications of Commissioned Ministers.

LCMS School Ministry invites you to Tuesday Talks with Dr. Alan Freeman, Associate Director of LCMS School Ministry, and Dave Kuschel, Senior Director of Communications and Advocacy for Concordia Plans. These Talks are Zoom sessions focusing on Lutheran School Communication Strategies!

View the videos on the LCMS School Ministry YouTube page.

Discovering your church’s ministry opportunities has never been easier. MissionInsite provides instant access to community information for your church via The MI System. You’ll get desktop, web-based access to demographic data for a variety of geographic levels. Click the link for an Introduction to MissionInsite.

The MI System provides you with a new way to access demographic information. It moves beyond the static reports you order to a powerful “discovery tool” for exploration and “out of the box” thinking for church ministry, church planting, church growth and outreach.

The system also provides the ability for local churches to locate their church members and others affiliated with their church on your map. This is referred to as Congregant Plot.

So, while there are a few things you need to learn, the system is designed to be user friendly and provides you with additional services not available from other systems. Have fun exploring your mission context and remember there is no possibility of accidentally harming the system or data.

Before getting registered, you are encouraged to explore the documents in the Resource area for the Local Church – especially the Tutorial , Introduction to MissionInsite, Local Church User Guide and How To Create A Report.

**The Mosaic Worksheet is a tool to use with each of the 60 full Mosaic Type Portraits. Churches are finding that the detail in these reports provides a greater insight into the socio-economic realities of residents living within their communities. This insight assists them in reaching these residents.

As part of Lutheran Church Extension Fund’s agreement with MissionInsite, you have free, unlimited access to MissionInsite’s Demographic data. 

Download the document for instructions on how to use this system.

Training Modules for Early Childhood Consultants, Administrators & Educators

A five-part Early Childhood video series titled Spiritual Nurture in the Lutheran Early Childhood Classroom is available for purchase and viewing. This series was developed for early childhood educators and provides practical strategies to promote the integration of the Christian faith into classroom environments, curricular experiences, and the homes of school families. Each of the five videos is accompanied by a document containing resources and practical ideas

Learn more about these trainings and register today.

The #LuthEdJobs page on Facebook has been replaced with the LCMS Job Board. School leaders may post open positions at Simply click Sign Up to create an account.

All postings must be approved by the LCMS School Ministry office and will remain active for 30 days with an option to renew.

Through Lutheran Counseling Services, the FLGA District provides the Ministerial Assistance Program (MAP). 

Where do workers in ministry, and their families, go when they need help? The Ministerial Assistance Program (MAP) of Lutheran Counseling Services, Inc. is designed to help clergy, church workers, educators, etc., and their families cope with church life and work challenges and demands. Because of the MAP program, these workers and their families receive up to 3 free counseling sessions; sessions are offered via phone, video, and in-person.

Examples of concerns/problems that are appropriate for intervention by the Ministerial Assistance Program are:
• Assessment, referral, and/or therapy for an individual, marriage, or family concern
• A pastoral care congregational, staff, church school, or church governance issue
• A vocational crisis redirection
• Help with a church worker or parishioner grievance

The expert staff of Lutheran Counseling Services can provide help, hope, and healing through quality and confidential assistance.
Click here to learn more. 

Encouraging, Connecting, Information Lutheran Schools

The Luth Ed website is your source for anything related to Lutheran Schools. You will find the latest news, resources, accreditation information, LSCS, school mailings, conference information, and worker resources, just to name a few. This is a free site, so we encourage all our schools to visit.

The Lutheran Legal League is made up of actively practicing attorneys who regularly attend worship in a Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Simply stated, they are a unique organization of Christ filled attorneys who desire to assist our Synodical churches, schools, ministries, missions and LCMS members with their legal needs.

LLL is NOT a referral company but rather their goal is to serve God by helping their brothers and sisters within the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Click here to learn more.

Lutheran LIFE is an official communications instrument of the Florida-Georgia District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Lutheran LIFE is designed to inform LCMS church and school members of the activities, personalities, and resources offered by the Synod and the FLGA District.

Learn more here.

Sexual abuse of children is a “quiet” epidemic that comes to light when a sensational news story hits the press. The reality is that 1 in every 4 girls and 1 in every 6 boys in the United States are sexually molested before the age of eighteen. Sadly, we all know that neither the Lutheran church nor Lutheran schools are necessarily safe havens for children.

To better educate and equip workers in our churches and schools to recognize the signs of child sexual abuse, the LCMS Office of National Mission has partnered with MinistrySafe — to help our ministries better understand the tendencies of sexual predators — all at no cost to our churches and schools. We take the safety of children seriously!

Our prayer and goal is that every staff person and every volunteer in every church and school in the District will commit to helping protect the children and ministries entrusted to your care.

Click here for more information & resources. 

If you are a former student of Orlando Lutheran Academy and need a transcript, request a transcript request form, by sending an email to:

Cost of each transcript requested is $5.00. This fee can be paid by clicking on the “Online Payments and Donations” in the front page of this website. Full directions are included in the form that will be sent to you.

The Alliance for Defending Freedom (ADF) has a newly updated Protecting Your Ministry booklet.  This is an excellent tool to review your statements of faith and other policies that protect your religious freedom.

Schools can join the ADF Ministry Alliance, a legal membership for Christian schools to gain access to experienced First Amendment lawyers.  Through membership, you can have your policies reviewed by an ADF attorney who will guide you through recommendations to strengthen your religious protection.  They can answer religious liberty questions, conduct document reviews, provide advice, and even represent your school in court if necessary and appropriate.  There is an annual cost to join. Use promo code LCMSMA for a 20% discount.

Another resource is the Lutheran Legal League.  FLGA District legal counsel, Rusty Huseman, is an ADF Allied Member and able to assist with guidance on policy or first amendment issues. Contact Jennifer Tanner for more information.

This resource was developed by LCMS School Ministries for congregations when it became apparent that most congregations did not have policies and procedures to guide them when the economic downturn made it necessary for a Reduction in Force (RIF) in their ministries.

The lack of clear policy and procedure to guide many congregations through such a process escalated already highly emotional situations and left many asking for help after the fact. We are grateful to LCMS School Ministries Director Bill Cochran for recognizing the need for a resource such as this. A word of thanks is extended to the team that oversaw the development of this document, Deaconess Sally Hiller, DCE Jim Bradshaw, Teacher Perry Bresemann, and Teacher Mark Brink.

It is important to note that this document is made available to congregations of the Florida-Georgia District as a resource. It is not District policy, nor is it recommended that congregations adopt its contents as policy unless it is the result of planning and due diligence on the part of the congregation. This document has been developed primarily by LCMS School Ministries and revised by Florida-Georgia District staff and has undergone human resources scrutiny. This document is not an official document or policy of the Synod or of the Florida-Georgia District. In any event, congregations are strongly encouraged to seek legal counsel regarding applicable law before adopting any Reduction in Force policy.

With that, we strongly encourage all congregations to develop policies and procedures that will guide them through the process of Reduction in Force. The time for action is before the situation occurs or occurs again. We welcome your feedback to help us make this resource more helpful.

View the FLGA District RIF Manual

Simple Bible Study is a resource providing everything a leader needs to facilitate a short Bible study and discussion. Although it is created with youth in mind, the videos can also be used with adult groups.

Check back for updated videos or search through the bank of previous studies for various topics that can be used throughout the year.

Click here to view the Simple Bible Study webpage.

Accreditation Information

Lutheran schools and early childhood centers in Florida and Georgia can apply for accreditation through NLSA (National Lutheran School Accreditation).

All schools:

  1. Pay $750 annual fee to LCMS National Office in St. Louis invoiced in September
  2. Pay $350 annual fee FLGA District

Schools accredited in 2018

  1. Complete Self Study and School Action Plan
  2. Site visit
  3. Submit Self Study, School Action Plan, Visiting Team Report, and Face Sheet to FLGA District office

Schools accredited in 2019

  1. APPLY for renewal; submit form to the FLGA District
  2. Complete your Cumulative Annual Report
  3. Submit completed CAR to FLGA District by April 15

Schools accredited in 2020

  1. You are on your 3rd year of your Cumulative Annual Report
  2. Submit CAR to FLGA District by April 15

Schools accredited in 2021

  1. You are on your 2nd year of your Cumulative Annual Report
  2. Submit CAR to FLGA District by April 15

Schools accredited in 2022

  1. You are on the 1st year of your Cumulative Annual Report
  2. Submit CAR to FLGA District by April 15

FLGA District Accreditation Commission
Consultants/Team Captains


Jon Peterson, Chairman
863-293-9744 (S)

Jennifer Tanner, Advisory
407-857-5556 (O)


Cindy Hammerstrom
407-258-5042 (C)

Roger Walker
863-221-0882 (C)

Ruth Wiedenmann
407-677-4437 (H)  
407-754-4522 (C)

Karen Smith
863-763-7566 (S)

Jim Richards 
561-395-8548 (S)

Lorie Trzeciak
954-772-5468 (O) 

Bonne Faherty
813-685-1978 (S)

Betty Hoyer
407-619-0528 (C)

Jeff Potter
561-395-8548 (S)

Aimee Knoepfel
352-350-6449 (S)

Michael Rottmann
863-293-9744 (S)

Nicole Clifton
727-527-6213 (S)

Marisa Neus
561-395-8548 (S)

Tim Schmidt
352-622-7275 (S)

Schools Accredited by Florida-Georgia Accreditation – as of 4/1/2023
Florida -Georgia District Schools City State Accrediting Agency(ies) Status
Bethel Lutheran Preschool Hobe Sound FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Epiphany Lutheran Early Learning Center Lake Worth FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Epiphany Lutheran Preschool Tallahassee FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Faith Lutheran Preschool North Palm Beach FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Faith Lutheran School Eustis FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Faith Lutheran School Hialeah FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Faith Lutheran School Marietta GA AdvancEd; NLSA & FLGA Accredited
First Ev. Lutheran School Clearwater FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Gloria Dei Lutheran Academy Davie FL AdvancEd; NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Good Shepherd Early Learning Center Titusville FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Good Shepherd Lutheran School North Fort Myers FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Good Shepherd Lutheran School Sarasota FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Grace Lutheran School Jacksonville FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Grace Lutheran School St Petersburg FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Grace Lutheran School Winter Haven FL AdvancEd; NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Holy Cross Lutheran School North Miami FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Holy Trinity Lutheran School Tampa FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Immanuel Lutheran School Brandon FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Loving Arms Christian Preschool Largo FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Messiah Lutheran Pre-School Tampa FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Our Savior Lutheran School Plantation FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Our Savior Lutheran School St Petersburg FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Peace Lutheran School Okeechobee FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Prince of Peace Lutheran Preschool Orlando FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Redeemer Lutheran School Stuart FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Shepherd of the Coast Ft Lauderdale FL AdvancEd; NLSA & FLGA Accredited
St. John Lutheran School Ocala FL AdvancEd; NLSA & FLGA Accredited
St. Michael Lutheran School Ft Myers FL AdvancEd; NLSA & FLGA Accredited
St. Paul Lutheran School Boca Raton FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
St. Paul Lutheran School Lakeland FL AdvancEd; NLSA & FLGA Accredited
St. Paul Lutheran School Peachtree City GA NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Timothy Lutheran Preschool Woodstock GA NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Trinity Lutheran Academy Athens GA NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Trinity Lutheran Early Childhood Delray Beach FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Trinity Lutheran School Delray Beach FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Trinity Lutheran School Rockledge FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Trinity Lutheran School Early Childhood Orlando FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Trinity Tots Lake Placid FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Woodlands Lutheran Church Early Learning Center Montverde FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Zion Lutheran Early Childhood Center Ft Myers FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Other Accredited Schools City State Accrediting Agency Status
Advent Lutheran School Boca Raton FL FLGA District Accredited
Faith Viera Lutheran Preschool Viera FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Family of Christ Christian Early Childhood Tampa FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Family of Christ Christian School Tampa FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Holy Cross Lake Mary/Sanford FL NLSA & SELC Accredited
Redeemer Lutheran School Pensacola FL NLSA & FLGA Accredited
St. Luke’s Lutheran School Oviedo FL AdvancEd; NLSA & FLGA Accredited
Trinity Lutheran School Kissimmee FL FLGA District Accredited