Resources for Finance & Administration

Please click the link below to download the Congregation Pledge Form.

  • You can complete the information directly on the form by typing into it.
  • Or you can print the form and complete the information on paper.
  • Please return the completed form via email to Laura Zirbel at

Download the Pledge Card

CPS Congregation Compensation Tool

Provided by Concordia Plans*

*Use this tool to generate compensation suggestions for positions in LCMS churches, including Sole Pastor, Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor, Director of Christian Education, Director of Christian Outreach, Deaconess, Director of Family Life Ministry, Director of Parish Music, Director of Church Ministry, Business Manager I, and Business Manager II. The Compensation Decision Support Tool for LCMS pastors and parish professionals is available in the Apple app store! Search “CPS Comp” to find it.

The LCMS website provides a wealth of resource information to help you organize your church and school structure.

These resources are available for download from the LCMS website and include such things as an Employment Resource Manual, Sample Performance Appraisal Worksheets, Sample Job Descriptions, and a Sample Congregational Constitution and Bylaws Guidelines.

All of these resources can be found on the Church Office Administration Resources page of the LCMS website.

As there are some processes unique to each District,  please contact the President’s Office prior to revising your Constitution and Bylaws.  Revisions must be approved by the Florida-Georgia District Board of Directors.

If you have questions concerning your current Bylaws, you may contact Rev. Pat F. A. O’Brien, Chair Constitution Committee, FLGA District or the President’s Office.

CPS Human Resource Services

Provided by Concordia Plans*

*HR service gives you access to valuable resources and tools to help you manage and solve your HR issues. Plus, their certified HR advisors can help you navigate complex HR situations and find the answers you need.

Providing personal financial assistance for LCMS ministry leaders.

Click here for more information. 

This program provides grants to rostered church workers, both full and part-time, to help them repay college and/or seminary education loans. All rostered or roster-eligible synodical graduates who are currently working in the Florida-Georgia District are eligible for the first 10 years of continuous service within the Florida-Georgia District after graduation or ordination to apply for this grant.

Download the details here.

Download the application here.

The Congregational Treasurer’s Manual provides information on various aspects of the duties of a congregational treasurer.

Updated Treasurers Manual Coming Soon!

LCMS 2022 Congregational Treasurer’s Manual