2025 LCMS Youth Gathering

The LCMS Youth Gathering has been held every three years since 1980. This event allows thousands of youth and adults to come together as a community of God’s people to be encouraged in their walk with Jesus Christ while learning about the Christian faith and their Lutheran identity. 

The Gathering is more than the five days of the event. The preparation process for the Gathering brings together young people and supportive adults to encourage each other in their baptismal identity, providing the young people with a vision for the vastness of Christ’s Church and equipping them for vocational service as they continue their walk with Jesus.

LCMS Youth Gathering Zoom Updates

Gathering Updates are back in 2024! Adult leading groups to the LCMS Youth Gathering in New Orleans in 2025 are encouraged to join Gathering staff on ZOOM on the second Thursday of each month leading up to the Gathering. Click Here to learn more!

The Gathering Update Zoom #3: Thursday, March 14, at 8 PM—click here to register!

Archive Gathering Updates:
Download the Presentation #1: Thursday, January 11, at 8 PM
Download the Presentation #2:
Thursday, February 8, at 8 PM

District Coordinator, Cindy Hammerstrom| 407.258.5042
District Co-Coordinator, Bethany Nummela-Hanel 


Are you planning to take a group to the 2025 LCMS Youth Gathering?  Consider attending National24, where you will get to visit the city and connect with other leaders. The National Lutheran Youth Workers Conference (NATIONAL24) is a standalone youth ministry practitioner conference but also provides a wonderful opportunity to prepare for the 2025 LCMS Youth Gathering. 

National24 (National Lutheran Youth Workers Conference)

Facebook: Facebook is a tool used by Gathering Staff to communicate with youth and adult participants and others interested in supporting the Gathering. Click here to connect. 
Adult Leaders are also encouraged to join the LCMS Youth Ministry Facebook Group, where they will be able to communicate with other Adult Leaders and Gathering Staff. Click here to connect. 

X, formerly Twitter: X, is used by adult and youth participants. The Gathering will feature the X feed on screens throughout the event. The primary presence for the LCMS Youth Gathering is @lcmsgathering. The official hashtag for the event is #LCMSYG.

Instagram: The official account for the LCMS Youth Gathering is @lcmsgathering. The official hashtag for the event is #LCMSYG.
@orangenationya is the official account for Young Adult Volunteers (YAVs) serving at the Gathering.

TikTok: The official account for the LCMS Youth Gathering is @lcmsgathering.

Snapchat: The official account for the LCMS Youth Gathering is @lcmsnyg.

YouTube: The official account for the LCMS Youth Gathering: LCMSGathering